This is a place holder until I get this together correctly. Enjoy.




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The Death of Ratface Slipshot and an abbreviated history of “The Band”


The Band right after Ratface’s death.

None of these members are currently dead.


The First Appearance of Ratface Slip Shot .

The Night before GaryCon at Games Plus with Joe Goodman, Andy Frielink, Todd Kath, Tim Wadzinski, and probably a couple of other people I can’t remember .

(Games Plus is the game store I grew up with in Mount Prospect,IL.)


Ratface in the DCC skills chapter start illustration.

He seems to have lost his padded armor and half of his alignment



Just a close up




The Death of Ratface Slipshot


an abbreviated history of “The Band”

from the Goodman Games

Gen Con 2013c program guide


pencil for the original band


A rare early look at Hugh Heftblade when he was only called “Fighter with a mustache”


Here is the band as rendered the 6th time around, a little worse for wear

And Finally this is the Band as it will be in the back of “The One who Watches from Below”

This new wizard first appears on the end sheet at the very beginning of the DCC book. He doesn’t have a name yet.

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Spellburn podcast



here: http://spellburn.com/2014/01/13/episode-18-invoke-doug-kovacs/

For some reason Jobe didn’t like the part of this banner I made up for the podcast that includes me with a spider on my head. Go figure.



Here are some recent studio shots:

IMG_2181 copy

IMG_2182 copy

IMG_2183 copyIMG_2184 copyIMG_2187 copyIMG_2185 copy IMG_2194 copy IMG_2195 copy IMG_2192 copy



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New Chained Coffin drawing and other stuff from 2013

DKovacs_Coffin_drawing copy

We had  a rethink of the Chained Coffin cover (above) .   I’m painting it now.

The image in the previous post will probably make it into the interior of the module.



While I’m at it here’s a preview of an interior illustration for The Courts of Chaos


… and something from Scott Mathis’ : Transylvanian Adventures



… and a Laser Harpy from the interiors of  The One who watches from below



…. and finally this guy from a certain sold out DCC Holiday adventure




I already know I’ll be busy in 2014.


This is me uncovering secret scrawlings from a hidden Nazi ruin somewhere you wouldn’t expect one to be in 2013

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The Courts of Chaos and some more Pencils

DKovacs_COURTSOFCHAOSIntrigue at the Courts of Chaos cover art .

This is the ..what?… the 4th?… No 6th! cover I’ve done for a module written by Michael Curtis.


This is the best part (above)


All kinds of crap goes on at the courts of chaos.


The smoking ban is unenforceable.


Pencils can be used to create chaos.


This is the next Michael Curtis module in the Goodman games queue.


This is one that should be out before it: The One Who watches from Below, by Jobe Bittman

DKovacs_BLACKMANSEpencil…and before that; The Black Manse by Harley Stroh

Lady Srolias Lives! (first appearing here)

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speechBoth a faerie and a green Man, this could be a new series. Keep an eye out for posts of new Green Men and new Red Doors.

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News: Upcoming Cons & More DCC art for sale

First:  I have posted more original Dungeon Crawl Classics Art here. Included are more maps, cover art and drawings


I’ll be at the following Conventions in 2013:

Gary Con  ( Lake Geneva Wisconsin, March 14-17) : I will probably mostly be playing or running  games but I’ll at least try to bring some prints. If anyone is interested in seeing any particular pieces of original art  please email me contactdk@dougkovacs.com  and let me know and I’ll try to bring them with.

North Texas RPG Con as a special guest:   (Fort Worth, Texas June 6-9):

Not sure if I’ll have an artists table, but similar to Gary Con I’ll at least try to bring some prints along, There will be some kind of artist jam thing on Sat, night that I will take part in including other old school guest artists.

•Gen Con  ( Indianapolis, Indiana  August 15th-18th):

As usual I’ll have my full display with many, many originals and prints of Art and Illustration.

image above: The three existing spines of the various incarnations of the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG

image above:  The Evil Wizard Cover for the limited edition version Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG learn more about the game  and the DCC RPG 2013 World Tour at Goodman Games

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Cat vs. Monkey

Ok. This is an odd post. Bare with me.

Perhaps assigning  blogging duties to a cat was another bad idea. As you might have noticed not much blogging  has been  done since the switch over. What was I expecting? Well, first,  I thought I might write in the character of Senor Alec Tompson in order to amuse myself into  a much needed blogging gumption fix. Then I thought simply of portraying the old orange cat  as an over civilized  mouse gobbler. Then I thought this was too easy, so I oscillated between making him super self involved  and a basic dispenser of condescension. In the later  losing no opportunity to insult me his owner. The first is probably a truth about most cats anyway, and thus obvious. The over civilized bit seemed like it might be interesting if i started doing the time warp segment from the year Senor Tompson was born, but on reflection I  could do that anyway without the cat filter.  Time warping to 1998 could be kind of interesting…. hmm. (link to all the past time machine posts)

let us time warp back to 1988 instead ! :

Holy shit ! There is a story here. An old friend I knew 24 years ago pleasantly surprised me and sent me this photo. She tells me it was an unpaid commission.  I guess this  is what a 13 year old girl would ask a 14 year old boy to do back when peace was cool. Now war is much more in fashion.

I can’t figure out why that monkey is in there. Neither could she. Just another unexplained monkey.

I do see I stole it from the back of this Jack Hamm book: How to Draw Animals:

Somehow I still have this book as well which also must be at least 24 years old.

The cat is 14 the monkey is 24…….Which one wins?

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Gen Con is past

…. and maybe I should start paying attention to this blog again.  In the mean time I may be delegating blogging duties to the fine chap pictured here.

Meet Senor Alec Tompson.  Guest blogger. He is about five apples tall, likes pissing on things and is well into his stockpile of 9 lives.  This should be good……

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I still haven’t wrapped up 2011 , the post is under construction. Don’t worry you can probably survive without it  a bit more.  (The 2011 wrap up starts here, if you are just tuning in)…

In the meantime here is some news::

First: If you haven’t noticed yet, I’ve included a Dungeon Crawl Classics, original art sale section on my home page.

Second: I’ll be at the following Cons in 2012:

Gary Con in Lake Geneva, WI March 22-25
That’s right around the corner. I’ll  probably be in town on the 23rd pending Harley Stroh’s arrival.  I’ll mostly be gaming  but I’ll have some art in the artist’s alcove . I  might have some DCC RPG posters if you ask me for one

Origins Game Fair  in Columbus, OH  May 30-June 3

Gen Con  in Indianapolis,  IN  August 16-19

Over the past couple of months I’ve been consumed finishing the final illustrations for the DCC RPG core book. In fact I just turned over a batch I called  ” the last of the last” yesterday .

The images included here are actually not from the upcoming core book,  but rather  are from the upcoming module Doom of the Savage Kings. It is  to be included with the fake leather gold foil cover version of the book . More is explained about it here: on the Goodman Games site .   The map below  is only as good as it is because of the excellent source material provided by the author, Harley Stroh. Try not to look at it if you plan on playing the adventure in the future.


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