Two Faeries

Though these two images have already been in the world for a bit of time, they haven’t been introduced formally in the Drain Chamber. Further discussion of The Daughter of Will to Power is due when I realize  the final post in the Old Faeries series. You are free to look, consider, and regard the image without guidance until I get to it. As intended, I believe the piece has plenty to offer to those willing to look and contemplate.

Daughter of Will to Power

Both works are acrylic on paper. The Original Nature vs. Culture is 11″ x14″  and Daughter of WTP is narrower, but roughly as tall.  Both are suggestive of real body types in subject.  I would hazard to say they are both life size, though scale might not be as obvious in the Daughter of WTP.
Nature Vs. Culture

Nature vs. Culture seems fairly straight forward in comparison to some of my other faerie images. It also seems to go without saying which element represents nature and which culture. It might be an interesting experiment in pondering to reverse the obvious  and somehow reconcile the idea.

About dk

Doug Kovacs is an Artist and Illustrator who lives in Chicago
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