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On Creative Process

The following is a slightly modified response I recently gave via email to a student ‘s inquiry regarding creative process and how to paint a green man , or particularly a green women. Hi, B____ Thanks for all the complements. … Continue reading

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Time Warp #1 : 1978 Extremely Quiet

This might be as far back as I can go and still have any mildly compelling visuals, but I can certainly time warp back to any year between now and 78′. Stay tuned for time warps to other years. Well, … Continue reading

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Codex of the Damned

Here are a selection of illustrations from the recently released 4th edition D&D module Codex of the Damned. Published, of coarse, by Goodman Games. I think this is the elventh 4th edition Dungeon Crawl Classics book for which I have … Continue reading

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