News: Upcoming Cons & More DCC art for sale

First:  I have posted more original Dungeon Crawl Classics Art here. Included are more maps, cover art and drawings


I’ll be at the following Conventions in 2013:

Gary Con  ( Lake Geneva Wisconsin, March 14-17) : I will probably mostly be playing or running  games but I’ll at least try to bring some prints. If anyone is interested in seeing any particular pieces of original art  please email me  and let me know and I’ll try to bring them with.

North Texas RPG Con as a special guest:   (Fort Worth, Texas June 6-9):

Not sure if I’ll have an artists table, but similar to Gary Con I’ll at least try to bring some prints along, There will be some kind of artist jam thing on Sat, night that I will take part in including other old school guest artists.

•Gen Con  ( Indianapolis, Indiana  August 15th-18th):

As usual I’ll have my full display with many, many originals and prints of Art and Illustration.

image above: The three existing spines of the various incarnations of the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG

image above:  The Evil Wizard Cover for the limited edition version Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG learn more about the game  and the DCC RPG 2013 World Tour at Goodman Games

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Doug Kovacs is an Artist and Illustrator who lives in Chicago
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