Cat vs. Monkey

Ok. This is an odd post. Bare with me.

Perhaps assigning  blogging duties to a cat was another bad idea. As you might have noticed not much blogging  has been  done since the switch over. What was I expecting? Well, first,  I thought I might write in the character of Senor Alec Tompson in order to amuse myself into  a much needed blogging gumption fix. Then I thought simply of portraying the old orange cat  as an over civilized  mouse gobbler. Then I thought this was too easy, so I oscillated between making him super self involved  and a basic dispenser of condescension. In the later  losing no opportunity to insult me his owner. The first is probably a truth about most cats anyway, and thus obvious. The over civilized bit seemed like it might be interesting if i started doing the time warp segment from the year Senor Tompson was born, but on reflection I  could do that anyway without the cat filter.  Time warping to 1998 could be kind of interesting…. hmm. (link to all the past time machine posts)

let us time warp back to 1988 instead ! :

Holy shit ! There is a story here. An old friend I knew 24 years ago pleasantly surprised me and sent me this photo. She tells me it was an unpaid commission.  I guess this  is what a 13 year old girl would ask a 14 year old boy to do back when peace was cool. Now war is much more in fashion.

I can’t figure out why that monkey is in there. Neither could she. Just another unexplained monkey.

I do see I stole it from the back of this Jack Hamm book: How to Draw Animals:

Somehow I still have this book as well which also must be at least 24 years old.

The cat is 14 the monkey is 24…….Which one wins?

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