Review: Cat City II : Electric Boogaloo

Rating: three pine cones (out of three pine cones)

Unlike cat city one, the trailer told me nothing about the movie. No one ran, shouted “we gotta get those cats” or yelled some more while firing a gun. Perhaps it is the fact that this movie was shot in California rather than Paris, but the over all feeling was much more friendly and not at all scary and exotic like it was in the original cat city or in the orient.

The main character in Cat City II is called Stinking Lizavetta,  played by Cami, also known as model number three on Trust My Fish and the co-host of Follow That Plow! : Chicago. Her performance is admirable, and inspirational to reprobates, and chumps, as well as being highly spiritual. The dress she wears in the fourth scene where she, along with her future husband Duggie Goodbread tries to talk to a cat is particularly enthralling.  In the scene she both crouches down, and talks while looking at a cat.  I found this highly believable. Latter when she ran and shouted while firing a crossbow I was on the edge of my seat. Additionally, the part where she donned a black leather bondage suit was made much more believable because I had seen her crouch and talk at the same time earlier. Again a great performance by Cami, as should be expected.

Overall despite the excessive use of profanity, which I completely fucking hate, the movie was a great picture. The story was fucking great, and the scenes where shot like a brick shit house.  I’ve been looking forward to cat city II for a very long time and have been watching all the commercials with the hope that I might catch a glimpse of the trailer’s appearance. Throughout 2008-2009 I have made a point to stop playing video games at least four hours every night after work so I can search the web for gossip related to the production and casting of Cat City 2 : Electric Boogaloo. I have also talked very loud about the possibility of a sequel to Cat City if any one should doubt my sincere devotion to this product.  Sources, which I can’t disclose, have indicated that plans are already in the works for Cat City III. Rumor has it, despite her dying twice in cat city two, Cami will make a cameo in the third of this beloved institution, and classic for all times although it has not yet been made.

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  1. pha says:

    Hahaha. For those of you who don’t realize it. “Cat City” was a fake movie that Doug and I came up with when we were storming the Bastille. We were actually just walking around outside the Bastille in Paris and living on pennies a day for a summer in Europe. For some reason, we were imagining cats storming the Bastille and running through the gates. I can’t remember the exact logic of it all, but it grew into a running joke that has been around for about 5 years now. I just remember the opening sequence to the trailer in our minds. Dark shadows, eerie music, and then the deep voice of the narrator, “In a world, run by cats……”. Then as Doug said, a lot of shouting, running, and shooting, and maybe Bruce Willis also. It was hilarious and we were cracking up and still cracking up to this day. More importantly, it spawned a whole fake TV, movie, and music conglomerate in our heads that has since been highly developed (in our minds). Notable TV shows include: Trust my fish (gameshow), Follow that plow (reality show based on us driving around Chicago in the winter), Hazard Tree, Crack It While It’s Hot (album or song or some sort), and lots more that I have forgotten. Anyway, haha.

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