I still haven’t wrapped up 2011 , the post is under construction. Don’t worry you can probably survive without it  a bit more.  (The 2011 wrap up starts here, if you are just tuning in)…

In the meantime here is some news::

First: If you haven’t noticed yet, I’ve included a Dungeon Crawl Classics, original art sale section on my home page.

Second: I’ll be at the following Cons in 2012:

Gary Con in Lake Geneva, WI March 22-25
That’s right around the corner. I’ll  probably be in town on the 23rd pending Harley Stroh’s arrival.  I’ll mostly be gaming  but I’ll have some art in the artist’s alcove . I  might have some DCC RPG posters if you ask me for one

Origins Game Fair  in Columbus, OH  May 30-June 3

Gen Con  in Indianapolis,  IN  August 16-19

Over the past couple of months I’ve been consumed finishing the final illustrations for the DCC RPG core book. In fact I just turned over a batch I called  ” the last of the last” yesterday .

The images included here are actually not from the upcoming core book,  but rather  are from the upcoming module Doom of the Savage Kings. It is  to be included with the fake leather gold foil cover version of the book . More is explained about it here: on the Goodman Games site .   The map below  is only as good as it is because of the excellent source material provided by the author, Harley Stroh. Try not to look at it if you plan on playing the adventure in the future.


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