2011 Wrap Up – part 2 :The Vampire’s Vengeance

 I’m posting  this wrap up in three  parts each consisting of  a different aspect of what I do. The first  (the previous post)  , is straight Art.  A  painting made to be hung on the wall. The second illustration, images created for publication (below)  and the third will be something in between.

Here are some thoughts about Vampire’s Vengeance in the form of a dialogue with myself:

DK: How many more 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons adventures does Goodman Games have in the works?

dk:  None. This is the last  one . The next one will be for the new role playing game called DCC RPG. I’ll be doing the covers and maps on those, I’m not sure about other interiors yet. See these posts for more info. I’ve lost track of how many 4E books (more here  & here & here  & here)  I’ve executed for Goodman. I know the first one was back in 2008 .

DK: I didn’t ask you how many you have done or who did them for.

dk: Aren’t you going to ask me about the  stlye difference between what  I’m working with  here  and what I’m doing n the future? I thought you are supposed to be asking me questions. That’s not a question. 

DK: Ok yes, well um….why are there so many frogs in this image?

dk:   Honestly, you would have to ask the writer why there are frogs.  But, anyway, I’ll try  to answer for him and he can correct me if I’m wrong later . How about this:  Giant frogs and other, normal animals, made large, or very big are traditionally part of D&D. Giant ants, giant rats…. just plain Giants? Aren’t stirges just giant misquotes? imagine that.  Come on,  don’t you know anything about the history of D&D or are you going to ask me what D&D means now?

DK: I know what D&D means.

dk; yeah great . Good for you. When did you first start playing D&D?

DK: That’s a good question. When I was about ten years old I guess ….5th grade ….so that  must have been 1983.

dk: must have been? You don’t know how old you are now? Can’t you figure that out?

DK: Well, my birthday is at the end of August, so I turned whatever age just before school started so there wasn’t much attention paid to my, er, um……….. when where you born?

dk: Coincidentally it was in August too.

DK: Enough of that.  What about these illustrations for Vampire’s Vengeance? What medium are you using?

dk: India ink, black water color, and gouache. There is probably some pen work in there too. They might be on water color paper or bristol, you would have to ask me about the individual illustration.

DK: what about this one? (above)

dk: oh, that one was on illustration board, it curled up and I had to put some books on top of the scanner….

DK: I don’t know about this one… I mean they look like greek statues, and what’s that on the arm “Y+B=E” what;’s that?

dk:  Alright so you just made an observation and you think it’s some sort of  criticism? How the fuck do I  know what “Y= whatever” means? This is a handout which should be cool to receive while you play an adventure, and again I illustrated the book, I didn’t write it ……. but why am I even explaining this to you?

DK.  Good question.



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