2011 Wrap Up – part 1: Red Door #6

So, we are quickly coming up on the end of 2011, and As normal I have a bunch of work I haven’t actually put on my website yet. Though I have spent the year doing little more than create new  images, the daily routine of too much to do insures there’s always a  lag before they are seen  online.   Regardless,  I’ve been constantly working and have produced a few things that wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for my particular  efforts.

Red Door #6

 I’ll post this wrap up in three  parts each consisting of  a different aspect of what I do. The first, this post, is straight Art.  A  painting made to be hung on the wall. The second is Illustration, images created for publication and the third something in between.

Yes I know I still owe the final installment in the Old faeries series, and there are still more installments in the DCC RPG posts as well. You can look forward to them in 2012.

A little bit about Red door #6.

I believe part of the success of this painting is in the fact that I don’t think there is much to write about it. It’s pretty important to say that this painting is concieved as an object itself rather than an image.The texture of the canvas admittedly was best experienced in reality and not as photo.I’ve included several photos  with  slightly different lighting, so as to cover a range of experiences.


The painting was acrylic on canvas, and I’m happy to say sold immediately upon first showing it at the Origins game fair last  summer.

If you are unfamiliar with my red door series you can see 1 through 4 here. And #5 here


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Doug Kovacs is an Artist and Illustrator who lives in Chicago
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One Response to 2011 Wrap Up – part 1: Red Door #6

  1. fanofyours says:


    First of all, your writing is really hard to follow. It’s a lot worse than your painting. No offense, but I’m sure you already know this. I think it’s a result of you not being able to read normally or not relating to words in the same way as you relate to images. Well, don’t worry about it because you are good at one thing, but very bad at the other.

    So here’s my advice. First of all, what the fuck are you talking about? Nobody knows. You need to make it clear. You always talk about the importance of imagination, but you are not imagining someone new coming to this blog reading your ridiculous tangent filled writing.