News and Most recent Greenmen

First the News:
Green men #20 and #17 will be on display as part of a group show this Friday at Simply Chicago Art in Evanston, IL. Come see them in reality because photos never really do them complete justice.

Also in the news

I’ve still been really busy with varied and sundry projects, but a couple of posts to expect in the (hopefully) near future are:

  1. The next remaining two¬† in the “old Faeries” series
  2. A list of 2011 Appearances with links, but for now; Yes I am going to both Gen Con and Origins this year.
  3. A post about Art for the upcoming Dungeon Crawl Classics game for which I’ve been painting covers, working on black and white interiors and providing wise artistic, and anarchistic counsel to its writers and publisher. For now you can check out these links: DCC RPG preview and a good review from Gary Con 3 in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin this past weekend

Green Man #20

(still for sale)

Here some images of the newest green men, women, and cats that have thus far not appeared on the website.

They are in descending order.



Green Man #19

(still for sale)



Green Man #18



Green Man #17

(still for sale)

Though #17 has made a previous appearance in public and on this blog, it has been worked on further in the last few months



Green Man #13



There are more Green Men in the pipeline so keep checking in. At some point I will post a complete chronology of Green Man plates going back to the first one in 1999. Anyone reading this who owns one might think about sending me a photo of it in it’s home. If I can get enough to be interesting¬† I might also post them as well.




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