Admittedly this is a fairly superficial post , but it should satiate my guilt of infrequent posting  while I try to more fully render upcoming posts that might have more substantial  content.

This one is for the nation of chumps.*


As an illustrator you will occasionally be called upon to depict clowns……

As a simple clown is typically too strange in itself, your clowns will need to be mixed with either sex or violence.

Hence the erotic clown and..

the psychotic clown.

Atypical creations. But, subjects , if you pursue freelance work as an illustrator for a lifetime or so,  you are bound to encounter.  If you have the courage to stick with art, you should have the courage to survive your next clown encounter.

–The erotic clown was produced for a adrent supporter of my work I’ll call Ivan Fyodorovich, owing to his purportedly frequent conversations with the devil.

–The psychotic clown was produced for the metal band : Bldg No.1 who I believe are currently looking for a drummer

* I’ve occasionally referred to the nation of chumps. At this point I still am undecided whether it is in reference to my current nation, state, or county of residence or the entire human race. Given that I’ve never really lived in another nation or as part of another race I reserve the right to keep this term ambiguous, though the word “nation” always makes me  lean towards the the idea that I’m talking about specifically $merican culture.

Please email any grammatical criticisms to or keep them to yourself and feed your superiority, knowing full well that no one’s superiority is inferior to mine.

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Doug Kovacs is an Artist and Illustrator who lives in Chicago
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2 Responses to Clowns…..

  1. brown jenkin says:

    Is that Bobby Billips or Dave Kovach?

  2. dk says:

    Neither. That is Smerdyakov. Son of S Lizaveta…. the fragrant.

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