The Death of Ratface Slipshot and an abbreviated history of “The Band”


The Band right after Ratface’s death.

None of these members are currently dead.


The First Appearance of Ratface Slip Shot .

The Night before GaryCon at Games Plus with Joe Goodman, Andy Frielink, Todd Kath, Tim Wadzinski, and probably a couple of other people I can’t remember .

(Games Plus is the game store I grew up with in Mount Prospect,IL.)


Ratface in the DCC skills chapter start illustration.

He seems to have lost his padded armor and half of his alignment



Just a close up




The Death of Ratface Slipshot


an abbreviated history of “The Band”

from the Goodman Games

Gen Con 2013c program guide


pencil for the original band


A rare early look at Hugh Heftblade when he was only called “Fighter with a mustache”


Here is the band as rendered the 6th time around, a little worse for wear

And Finally this is the Band as it will be in the back of “The One who Watches from Below”

This new wizard first appears on the end sheet at the very beginning of the DCC book. He doesn’t have a name yet.

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