New Chained Coffin drawing and other stuff from 2013

DKovacs_Coffin_drawing copy

We had  a rethink of the Chained Coffin cover (above) .   I’m painting it now.

The image in the previous post will probably make it into the interior of the module.



While I’m at it here’s a preview of an interior illustration for The Courts of Chaos


… and something from Scott Mathis’ : Transylvanian Adventures



… and a Laser Harpy from the interiors of  The One who watches from below



…. and finally this guy from a certain sold out DCC Holiday adventure




I already know I’ll be busy in 2014.


This is me uncovering secret scrawlings from a hidden Nazi ruin somewhere you wouldn’t expect one to be in 2013

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Doug Kovacs is an Artist and Illustrator who lives in Chicago
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