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Gary CON and The DCC RPG

That’s Gary Gygax CON……. it is not in Gary Indiana. Although It seems like there might be a place to discuss the merits of “old school” versus “new school” gaming  art under this topic, I’ll save it for another time. … Continue reading

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Into the Red Door…..

If you haven’t figured it out yet,  on the hompage a rabbit-hole is crudely concealed behind the image of the partly open red door. Click on it, or jump down the rabbithole occasionally to see if anything has changed.

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Review: Cat City II : Electric Boogaloo

Rating: three pine cones (out of three pine cones) Unlike cat city one, the trailer told me nothing about the movie. No one ran, shouted “we gotta get those cats” or yelled some more while firing a gun. Perhaps it … Continue reading

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