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Time Warp #2: 1984 : Monday, the Novel

Apparently Big Brother let this one slide. Otherwise  I would likely  be a corpse in the gulag community grave today for writing a book exploring such an anti-authoritarian theme. Curiously I also won the young authors competition with this book… … Continue reading

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Admittedly this is a fairly superficial post , but it should satiate my guilt of infrequent posting  while I try to more fully render upcoming posts that might have more substantial  content. This one is for the nation of chumps.* … Continue reading

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Old School Style Art

On the heels of that last post about old school style gaming. Here is a selection of art done in one interpretation of “old school” that I used for various 3rd edition Goodman Games,  Dungeon Crawl Classics modules. Also included … Continue reading

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Atypical Creations: Holiday Snowmen

If it was ever to be questioned whether someone who spends most of their time creating images of  guys running and yelling could actually make images of anything else ; Here is proof of the contrary. For the past holiday … Continue reading

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